Dimensions                                                   Imperial                                 Metric

Overall (L x W x H) [ft] /(M)                     990  X 533 X 140                    301 X 162 X 43

Hull (L x W x H) [ft]/(M)                             990  X 168 X 121                   301 X  49 X  36  


Cargo Bay  L x W x H [ft]/(M)                   150 X 40 X 15                          45 X 12  X 4.5

STOL Payload [lbs]                                           320,000                                 

Cargo Volume [cu. ft]                                       90,000                                  2548 m³                         

Range (@ Payload) [nm]                                3,200                                           

Cruise Speed [kts]                                              120

Engines (Allison T-56 )                                       8

FAR 25 Runway [ft]  (M)                                 4,025                                         671                           


The DL-1000 is designed for aerial transport of cargo. A quantum leap in technology, this Dynalifter provides transoceanic transport of 160 tons of cargo and as much fuel, with cargo bay sizing largest in history.

It can fly to destinations that a train or semi-truck bound by current infrastructures cannot access. Our studies show that the cost per ton mile approximates that of a semi-truck.  

Super Freighter

Freight Cargo Specification

Mobile Hospital Facility

Mobile Hospital Facility

Luxury Yaucht

Luxury Yacht